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My Voice” . . . . Living the Dream!

Sammie Roberts | Self Published (2007)

By Jim Santella

From Brooklyn, alto saxophonist Sammie Roberts interprets three jazz standards and two original compositions on this abbreviated program. His mellow tone and seamless phrasing pour delicately over the session, creating a clear atmosphere where swing rhythms and lyrical melodies unite. Preferring a no-nonsense instrumentation, Roberts works with double bass, piano and drums while including samba and bossa nova in the program for variety.

The saxophonist delivers “Summertime” gracefully with a focus on its blues shadow and the song’s heavy heart. Pure and refined, he allows his keyboard player, Jimmy Roberts, to surround him with a smooth jazz fragrance. “Tell Me Why,” an original, moves comfortably on bossa nova twists and turns. This one features a burning electric guitar solo from Jimmy Dale that sizzles like the hot summer sun on a tropical beach. Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday” is represented through an emotional excerpt that Roberts interprets with double bass.

The duo keeps this one short and sweet but passionate. “Courtney’s Bounce,” another original tune, and Charlie Parker’s “Little Suede Shoes” give the program a strong sampling of the days when Bird was everywhere and his alto saxophone could be heard from coast to coast.

Roberts, who moved to Southern California in 1999, works the club circuit as well as the big studios. Networking comes easy when you appreciate the jazz tradition that began when Duke Ellington and George Gershwin were young, moved brashly through the bebop heyday of Charlie Parker, and eventually settled down with the colorful palette that today gives jazz its powerful allure.

Visit Sammie Roberts on the web.

Track listing: Summertime; Tell My; Come Sunday; Courtney’s Bounce; My Little Suede Shoes.

Personnel: Sammie Roberts: alto saxophone; Jimmy Dale: electric guitar (2); Jimmy Roberts: piano, Rhodes.

Style: Mainstream/Bop/Hard Bop/Cool | Published: May 22, 2008


Leon Reyes, KVMR Radio

“For only having five tracks on this CD by saxophonist Sammie Robert’s it pack’s a great musical punch. From mellow smooth tunes to a nice soft Samba Sammie knows how deliver a musical punch that you won’t soon forget.”

Leon Reyes

KVMR Radio 89.5 FM Nevada City /

Sacramento Ca Host: Leon’s Jazz In A Box


Michael Criddle, Triple H-FM

“You are a once in a while artist…What a great sound you have, I have played several of your tracks to date and plan to schedule more in future programs. Keep up the good work and please keep me up to date with your progress.”


Michael Criddle



John Reid, Keith Community Radio

“Thank you for sending this C.D. This is a recording of top class Musicianship, beautifully played throughout, and Sammie Roberts’ own compositions are highly impressive. The Melodies are excellent and the interchanging between all the Musicians is of the highest quality. My only minor complaint is that the C.D. was not long enough!! But that is a triviality, and I look forward to Mr. Roberts’ next recording. Terrific work.”

Best Wishes,

John Reid,

Keith Community Radio 102.8 FM,

Keith, Banffshire, SCOTLAND


Tom Bingham, WCVF-FM

Sammie Roberts – Summertime – “My Voice”: Living the Dream, received well in the NYC market!”

See you in two weeks!

Tom Bingham



Dioni Piatkowski, JAZZ RADIO FM

“Thank you very much for set of recordings. I will back with additional details and offer as soon as I will get confirmation and budget details concerning ERA JAZZU for new season. It Will be great to invite you here… All the best.”

Dioni Pištkowski



Bruno Pollacci, Animajazz

“Hi Friend! Hoping to communicate to you something of agreeable, I will send to you the direct link to the web article about the broadcasting of your music in my Jazz program “ANIMAJAZZ” (you’ll can listen to the program in web direct on the web site: , calculating the just hour in your Country. If and when you’ll want to send me all of your future new Jazz releases, many compliments for your fine music.”

Bruno Pollacci



Vasja Ivanovski, 94.1 FM RADIO 2

“Thanks, this is a great addition to our jazz play list.”

V. Ivanovski, 94.1 FM RADIO 2


Harold Ellison, Shoal haven Community Radio Inc.

“A very enjoyable album with several tracks that I shall be playing on my program, such as tracks 1, 2 & 5. In fact, I have already played track 1 on air and will be playing more shortly. Great Work! All the best.”

Harold Ellison

“The Jazz Cafe” TripleU-FM Nowra,

New South Wales Australia


Helen Jarroe, Cairns FM89.1

“Sammie – practice practice and more practice – has paid off. I love all the tracks and will feature them in full on one of my next programs. Keep it coming; this is the music we love. And your approach is simple and pure. Thank you.”

Helen Jarroe

Cairns Queensland Australia.


 Tony Wickham, Radio Maldwyn

Features the alto well, partially because the overall backing is a bit bland except for the occasional burst of keyboard excellence from Jimmy. I’d like to hear Sammie in a trio or quartet and where all the instruments get an equal weight. You leave us wanting more!”




 Jason Steen, Neoreal Media

“Many thanks for an excellent CD; we have added you to our play list.”

Jason, Neoreal Media


 David McCrory

2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm

“Good disc is receiving plenty of airplay”

David McCrory

2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm