October, 2013

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Benefits of Practice

Daily practice will enhance your playing ability, practicing as little as 15 -20 minutes per day will have a great impact on all aspects of playing your instrument.

Here are a few areas that improve……

Site reading                       Tone development              Confidence
Improvisation                   Breathing techniques          Posture

Years ago I was encouraged to practice daily by a fellow saxophonist “Jimmy Roberts of the Rod Stewart Band, Jimmy said “It doesn’t matter what you play, just play something everyday.”

This was profound, because the more you play ( what you want) verses what I insist from the lesson book ( please work on some of the lesson work  I assign..lol) you will develop your own voice an approach to hearing and performing music.

The benefits are the same, whether I’m giving saxophone lessons in Charlotte, NC or saxophone lessons is los Angeles, CA  PLAY SOMETHING EVERY DAY!